3 years clean from gambling, GME sucked me back in

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February 4, 2021 0 Comments

Years ago I pretty much ruined my life gambling. I ended with a bank account in overdraft to the tune of thousands, and completely lost hope for my life.Somehow, after joining Gamblers Anonymous and building a small business that has, over the years, blown up, I managed to put together my life. I stopped watching sports pretty much completely (I was a lifelong sports nut), never thought of gambling again, watched my bank account reach highs I never thought of.Anyway, the GME hype got to me. The boom I saw in GameStop being the “talk of the town” most viral thing on the internet was at levels I’ve never seen before. I figured, reading WSB, that this “squeeze” was going to happen. Made a brokerage account linked to my bank, and bought 160-something shares @ $260ish. Went full retard without a thought. I didn’t go all-in on my finances, but I also put in over forty fucking thousand dollars into a meme. Set a bunch of sell orders for $500 and $600, thinking I’d just double my money real quick and get out before the bubble burst.Obviously I joined in on the fun way after the bubble burst. I watched the price tumble down for 3 days and finally came to my senses after reading some dissenting opinions (namely on this subreddit, and from a few finance people I’m friends with), and I cashed out @ $117. I am proud of myself for getting out without ruining my life, ashamed @ losing 25k and breaking my gambling sobriety, happy that I have built enough of a foundation that despite the mental hit of relapsing, I am still in good financial positioning and resetting my clock on my gambling sobriety.I just feel for the people who are going to watch this tumble all the way down. There are going to be a lot of GameStop suicides. The WSB live threads are such awful cringe. Anyway, if you’re reading this, and still bagholding your life’s savings, please sell.Proof: https://imgur.com/a/NLMeAS6


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