NY to Let Fans in Sports Stadiums and Arenas as Soon as February 23rd

February 10, 2021 0 Comments

“At 10 percent, everyone (artists, promoters) will lose money,” John Scher, a New York-area promoter, wrote in an email.The concert business, which relies on national tours that are set months in advance, isn’t ready for a quick return. Even the most optimistic touring plans are eyeing the summer or the fall for the first large-scale concerts, and most big spring festivals — like Coachella in Southern California and the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival — have already been postponed.Public health experts said the quality of ventilation is crucial when considering indoor gatherings because the virus is known to spread more easily indoors. Cuomo did not offer details about ventilation requirements, but a news release from his office later said that sites had to “meet enhanced air filtration, ventilation and purification standards” in order to reopen.Sports fans should also not let their masks slip. Wearing tightly fitted masks, and layering a cloth mask atop a surgical mask, can reduce the risk of transmission by up to 96.5 percent, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on Wednesday.The wisdom of holding large gatherings inside is debatable. Some indoor events last year became notorious as possible superspreader events, like an indoor campaign rally in July for former President Donald J. Trump that preceded a surge in cases in Tulsa, Okla.Of course, many of the people at that rally did not take precautions like those mandated in New York. But going to the game still means accepting some risk, especially as new variants of the virus spread, Dr. Popescu said.“I appreciate that there’s attention to masking, distancing, and ventilation, as risk reduction is additive,” Dr. Popescu said. “But over all, bringing thousands of people indoors for an event that elicits screaming and socializing is not ideal right now.”Reporting was contributed by Mitch Smith, Albert Sun, John Keefe, James Wagner and Andrew Das.

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